Tecnichal school



The secondary technical school in Temerin

The municipality of Temerin, which is found in the south-Backa region, encompasses three settlements: Temerin, Backi Jarak and Sirig.


The technical school in Temerin is housed in a former castle which dated from XVIII century and which was owned by the Fernbah family. In 1949 the castle was declared a cultural monument under state jurisdiction, and today it has got both cultural and historical importance for the Temerin municipality.

On 1st September 1946 Temerin got a secondary school which was named ‘Secondary vocational school for the pupils in crafts and industry’. Different curriculums were applied in the school. Since than its name has been changed several times from ‘The school for the pupils in commerce’ , School for the pupils in commerce ‘Caki Lajos’, School for common secondary education ‘25th May’, The secondary school ‘25th May’ to ‘The secondary technical school’ which it bears today. From its foundation the school has been running courses in two languages – Serbian and Hungarian.

Currently the secondary technical school has got following vocational trainings:

* mechanics and metal processing

* personal services

* traderestaurants and tourism

* economics,law and administration

This 2006/07 school year 364 pupils who enrolled our school were grouped into 8 working profiles.


Field of work: Mechanics and metal processing

Working profiles: 1.1. Auto mechanic 1.2. Locksmith 1.3. Turner


Field of work: Personal services

Working profiles: 2.1. Women’s hairdresser


Field of work: Trade, restaurants and tourism

Working profiles: 3.1. Salesperson


Field of work: Economics, Law and administration

Working profiles: 4.1. Economy technician


Pedagogical and educational work is organized into the respective buildings: The central building called ‘Kaštel’ (The Castle) and accompanying facilities such as a machinery workshop, or a school gym. The central building contains a fashionably equipped hairdressing salon, a library, a cabinet for informational studies and seven classrooms which satisfy all the needs of children. The school offers practical education for the work fields such as mechanics and metal processing, trade and restaurants and tourism which is held in different social facilities (such as services, Public utility company, Limited company, Joint stock company etc.)